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Tec Specs


These guidelines are designed in accordance with the IAB Creative Display Guidance with the aim to ensure a positive consumer experience in balance with both publishers’ and advertisers’ needs, namely faster page load and the trend towards rich media creative. This general guidelines do not include Youtube as it has its own technical specifications.

EditorialAll creatives are subject to final senior editorial approval prior campaign launch.
SoundAudio must be user-initiated.
Skip ButtonAll video ads must be skippable after 5 sec., unless otherwise stated. Servus.com allows unskippable video ads.
Click-ThroughAll ads must lead to a new browser window (target=_blank).
Display Creative Color PaletteAll creatives with partially black or white colored backgrounds must have a visible (contrasting) border (min one pixel).


FlashPlease note that Adobe flash is not accepted.
Mute ButtonFor all ads featuring audio, a “Mute” button or equivalent is mandatory.
AudioFull MIX stereo is accepted.
Creative rotationPlease note that the maximum of 4 creative revisions per ad placement per flight are accepted. If you plan to have more, please notify your Key Account Manager upfront.
QARich media & HTML creatives are subject to testing, such creatives must be delivered min. 5 days prior the campaign start date. Please note that rich media creatives should be hosted by 3rd party.
3rd party served:All rich media (HTML) creatives need to be 3rd party hosted. Advertiser needs to provide placement tags. Streaming links are not accepted.ONLY 3rd party tags from certified vendors are accepted.Please always include detailed implementation directions.iFRAME tags are accepted.All VAST tags must include a skip button(5sec.). Servus.com VAST tag does not need to include skip button.Tags must include multiple mp4 / h264 video files.FLV i.e. Flash Video is not accepted.Usage of HTTPS is mandatoryMaximum number of file requests per creative is 25
Click TagFor all rich media and HTML, a DFP compatible click tag is mandatory.
Tracking pixels1×1 tracking pixels can be used with all ad units for tracking ads performance e.g. impressions served and clicks generated. Please note that retargeting pixels are not accepted.

Display Banners

For RBMH hosted: Please send the respective file formats and click URL at least 3 days prior to launch for standard media & 5 days for rich media. Please note that only image files(.jpg, .png…) and .gif are accepted for hosting. We cannot host rich media banners or banners via streaming links.

For 3rd Party hosted: Please send the respective placement tags at least 5 days prior to campaign for testing, all third-party tags are subject to QA and testing prior campaign start.

Tracking: With picture/gif creative please keep in mind that we can only implement click and impression trackers. Click tracker should redirect to the target page. If you want to include more trackers, please send us a placement tag with the tracking on the creative already implemented.

Standard display ads

  • File type: .jpeg, .png, .gif
  • Max animation length: 15 seconds
  • Max loops: 3
  • Min submission time: 3 business days
SizeDeviceCreative dimensionsMax file sizeProperties
Leaderboarddesktop tablet728×9050KALL
MPUdesktop tablet mobile300×25070KALL

Rich media ads

  • File type: HTML5 (needs to be hosted by the agency/advertiser and sent to us as a placement tag). Fully working iFrame tags are accepted as well.
  • Max animation length: Max 15 seconds on mobile. Desktop no limit (recommended max 30 seconds).
  • Max loops: 3
  • Min submission time: 5 business days
SizeDeviceCreative DimensionsMax initial file loadProperties
Leaderboarddesktop tablet728×90200K,Host-initiated subload 100K
MPUdesktop tablet300×250200K,Host-initiated subload 300K
Billboarddesktop tablet970×250250K,Host-initiated subload 500K
Half-pagedesktop tablet300×600250K,Host-initiated subload 500K
Skyscraperdesktop tablet160×600250K,Host-initiated subload 300K
Mobilesmartphone320×5050K, Host-initiated subload 100K
  • Initial File Load = includes all assets and files necessary (.html, .js, .ccs. .woff, images, etc. for completing the first visual display of the ad. The initial file load size of an ad is limited in order to preserve the page load performance and thus the user’s web browsing experience. For non-rich media ads, the initial file load size limit is all that’s allowed for the ad. Host Initiated Subload = the additional file limit allowed for rich-media ads that is auto-initiated. For more information, please consult the iAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

Morecast APP (AT only)

  • File type: .jpeg, .png, .gif; HTML5 (needs to be hosted by the agency/advertiser and sent to us as a placement tag)
  • Min submission time: 5 business days
  • Max file size: 150K
Ad groupCreative dimensions
Interstitial320×480 / 480×320

Video advertising

Servus.com (DACH only)

  • Creative dimensions: 16:9;1920×1080 or 1280×720
  • File type: .mov, .mp4, VAST tag (only IMA3 conform Skip Ad Button)
  • Min. submission time: 5 business days
Ad groupSoundMax. lengthMax. file size
Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-rollYES ( -23 LUFS). Stereo audio track required.20 seconds*<100MB (VAST up to 5MB)
  • Spots with length of more than 20 seconds upon request.

Outstream – Servus.com

  • Creative dimensions: 16:9;1920×1080 or 1280×720
  • File type: .mov, .mp4, VAST tag
  • Min. submission time: 5 business days
  • Video will start muted.
Ad groupSoundMax. file size
Video/OutstreamYES ( -23 LUFS). Stereo audio track required.<100 (VAST up to 5MB)

I have questions

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.